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Yue Hong's core technology, weld tracking, is currently at the forefront of the industry and is committed to applying this technology to field welding construction, workshop production welding construction, and other precision welding construction.

Our team is a comprehensive welding research team that integrates basic research, application research, and high-tech innovation research. Its main research direction is intelligent welding technology. The practical application of seam tracking and intelligent pipeline construction are our main research directions. 

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification. It has successively obtained a number of patented technologies and software copyrights.



1. Intelligent welding robot ZL2021624389.4


2. A swing device for automatic seam tracking ZL201921805494.5


3. A three-petal polyolefin winding equipment for pipe patching ZL2021624409.8


4. An all-position automatic welding device ZL202123370318.3


5. An inner support tooling for single sided welding and double sided forming of pipes ZL202221458169.8


6. A pipeline anti-corrosion coating peeling strength detection device ZL202221555530.9


7. A built-in rack drive all-position welding device ZL202222826974.8


Pipeline full-position automatic single welding torch external welding machine management system [abbreviation: single welding torch external welding machine management system] 1.0

Certificate No.: Soft Publication No. 10764680; Registration number 2023SR0177 509

Pipeline full-position automatic double welding torch external welding machine management system [abbreviation: double welding torch external welding machine management system] 1. 0

Certificate number: Soft Publication No. 10764558 Registration number 2023SR0177387

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