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Zaoqiang County organized and carried out observation and practice activities for key project construction

On the morning of May 21st to 22nd, Zaoqiang County organized and carried out observation and practice activities for key project construction. County Party Committee Secretary Liu Xinying, County Governor Zhang Chifeng, and other leaders of the four major county groups, as well as other county level cadres, as well as party committee secretaries of various towns and townships, deputy party working committee secretaries of the Economic Development Zone, and major responsible comrades of relevant county level departments, attended the observation and practice.

On the afternoon of May 21st, the observation team visited the production line of Yuehong Zhiji Machinery at Hengshui Innovation Port for on-site observation, listened to the report on the progress of the project construction in detail, conducted face-to-face work reviews, coordinated and solved problems on site, and proposed specific opinions and suggestions for the next step of work.


Yuehong Zhiji's all-position automatic welding robot project for oil and gas pipelines has established industry-university-research cooperation with the Welding Research Institute of Shandong University and the Intelligent College of Hebei University of Technology. Currently, the company has 7 patents and has achieved small-scale mass production of its products. The company has applied for the establishment of an A-level research and development institution, and actively cooperates with universities and institutes to plan the establishment of Hebei Provincial Pipeline Construction Technology Research Institute to carry out technology application and promotion.


In the next step, Yue Hong will adhere to the requirements of the county party committee and government, attach equal importance to "external introduction" and "internal education", take the "23, 4" working mechanism as the starting point, develop a project schedule and task map, do a good job of business guidance and services, and promote the implementation of the project in a safe and efficient manner. Actively promote the construction of an industry-university-research innovation system, deepen innovation exchanges and cooperation between enterprises and universities, and improve the level of independent research and development of enterprises. Encourage enterprise innovation and the benign interactive development of vocational education in our county, accelerate the exchange of knowledge, information, and technology, and jointly serve the local economic development.

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