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Experts from universities and leaders of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau came to Yuehong to guide the work of scientific and technological innovation

On July 22nd, experts and professors from the Welding Research Institute of Shandong University, Hebei Machinery Design Institute, and the Department of Machinery, as well as leaders of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, were invited to provide guidance on enterprise technological innovation and technology at Yuehongzhi Machinery Co., Ltd


At the symposium, experts and professors from universities and institutes respectively explained to the entrepreneurs attending the meeting from aspects such as technological innovation leading industrial development, technological breakthroughs, and industry-university interaction and cooperation, and proposed specific implementation suggestions and plans for the technical difficulties encountered in production practice proposed by the participants.


After the meeting, participating experts went to the enterprise's laboratory and production workshop for on-site instructions and guidance.


The guidance work has provided strong technical support for the innovative development of enterprises, further improved the professional technical level of the industry, and defined a breakthrough direction for enterprises to promote innovative development.

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