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Yue Hong Participated in the Third Hengshui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

On November 24th, the 9th Hebei Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hengshui District) and the 3rd Hengshui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition concluded successfully. The competition is hosted by Hengshui Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, strongly supported by the Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Cyberspace Office, Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Municipal Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and hosted by the Municipal Technology Innovation Fund Management Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises. Peng Xiaoming, Deputy Mayor of Hengshui Municipal People's Government, attended the finals, while Gong Junshi, Deputy Secretary General of Hengshui Municipal People's Government, attended and delivered a speech. Leaders of the competition support units, members of the Hengshui Municipal Science and Technology Bureau team, and department heads were present to watch the competition.


In his speech, Gong Junshi pointed out that the competition adheres to the concept of "selecting horses on the racetrack, creating a platform for the race, allocating resources in the market, and providing government subsidies after the race", constantly innovating the organization of the competition, enriching the content and methods of policy services, and the innovation and entrepreneurship competition has become an arena and exhibition platform for testing innovation achievements, providing a platform for centralized display, a backstage for diversified services, and a platform for communication and cooperation for innovation and entrepreneurship, It has cultivated and attracted many innovative and entrepreneurial talents, rooted in the fertile land of technological innovation in Hengshui, created a stronger innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere in Hengshui, and condensed a stronger innovative and development force for the high-quality development of Hengshui's economy and society.


The final of the third Hengshui Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition adopts the "8+7" mode of public roadshow defense selection, which means that the contestants make a statement for 8 minutes and the judges ask questions and communicate for 7 minutes. The evaluation experts adhere to the evaluation principles of "openness, fairness, and impartiality", conduct comprehensive scoring for each participating project, and publish the scores on site* In the end, Hebei Rongde Poultry Breeding Co., Ltd., China Railway (Hengshui) Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., and Hebei Dar Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. won the final, second, and third place respectively.


The theme of this competition is "Jihui New Energy Smart Innovation Future", adhering to the model of "government guidance, public welfare support, and market mechanism", guiding the gathering of government, market, and social resources, assisting innovation and entrepreneurship, and constantly cultivating new momentum for development. Since its launch in June this year, the competition has received widespread attention and active participation from all walks of life. A total of 151 teams have signed up. The participating projects not only cover counties and cities in Hengshui, but also include entrepreneurs from Beijing, Tianjin, Jiangsu, and overseas returnees. The core team of the participating project consists of 374 people, including 298 people with bachelor's degree or above, accounting for up to 80%. There are 3 academicians, 51 doctors, and 14 returned overseas students participating in the competition. The participating projects have 538 scientific and technological achievements such as patents and soft works.


In the 9th Hebei Provincial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, the Hengshui City delegation carefully prepared and worked hard, achieving excellent results. It won 25 provincial awards, including 5 first prizes, 11 second prizes, and 9 third prizes. Four projects represented Hebei Province in the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition National Competition. Hebei Yuehong Zhiji Technology Development Co., Ltd. won the fifth place of the first prize in the high-end equipment manufacturing group for its "oil and gas pipeline welding robot" project.

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